• Eimza token
    For citizens
    For individuals
    For legal entities
    For government organizations
  • E-signature
    E-imza kart
    For citizens
    18 AZN
    For individuals
    36 AZN
    For legal entities
    72 AZN
    For government organizations
    80 AZN
  • Call center
  • Legislation
    By the law of Azerbaijan Republic, the document signed with E-signature
    is equal to the document signed by hand

Electronic Signature

E-petition for an electronic signature certificate digital signature certificate for e-service cost-effective use of time, space-time, shift time, which may arise directly over the Internet without losing the convenience of the Registration Centers are designed in order to apply. Initially, the e-services provided by the Center for Information Computing Center, located on the Registration, Registration Centers will cover the whole of the Republic.

Mobile ID

Protection of keys of the Governing Bodies Center is based on HSM (hardware security module). There is third level FIPS 140-3 protection in HSM.

E-government Center

The functions of this Center are include issue qualified certificates to citizens and businesses to provide an enhanced relations with the Governing Bodies. Notification message submitted by physical and legal persons to the government bodies or self-managed organs must be approved by his enhanced signature according to the law of Azerbaijan Republic.

Governing Bodies Center

The functions of this Center are include issuing qualified certificates to employees of supreme executive and legislative organs such as government agencies, ministries and committees of the state bodies and municipalities for internal and inter-agency document flow. State bodies and local self-managed organs shall use the services of accredited center according to the law of Azerbaijan Republic on "Electronic signature and electronic document".

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