• Eimza token
    For citizens
    For individuals
    For legal entities
    For government organizations
  • E-signature
    E-imza kart
    For citizens
    18 AZN
    For individuals
    36 AZN
    For legal entities
    72 AZN
    For government organizations
    80 AZN
  • Call center
  • Legislation
    By the law of Azerbaijan Republic, the document signed with E-signature
    is equal to the document signed by hand

Certificate usage


1. E-signature card
2. Smart card reader
3. Computer with Windows OS and Internet connection

After getting smart card with a certificate issued by the NCSC certificate holder can take advantage of the opportunities of electronic signature carrying out the following sequence of operations:

1. Root certificate must be installed on computer, for using E-signature
2. E-signer must be installed on your computer, for signing E-document by using smart card
3. Smart Card Reader driver must be installed on computer for using E-signature
4. Smart Card compatible software must be installed on computer
5. Signature holders, by choosing Government Bodies Center or Electronic Government Center can obtain following information:
- Search for certificates on the basis of individual information, to view details of certificate
- Verification of electronic certificates, review detailed information about them
- Review certificate events history
- Installation of components for eSigner software and that are necessary for its operation


1. Can make operations related to certificates issued to civil servants - Governmet Bodies Center, certificates issued to legal and natural persons - Electronic Government Centre;
2. E-signer requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or newer version;
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